Prices for Skype sessions, workshops, workshop/seminars

NEXT WORKSHOP WILL BE Coming soon to Baltimore

You must attend an orientation before you start workshops or private sessions

Workshop is 2pm 25 dollars

Private sessions are $50 a session, It is a one hour minimum, and a two hour maximum. Skype sessions are scheduled Mon. thru Fri. From 9am to 5:30pm . I will make acceptions , but normally no sessions are scheduled before 9am or after 5:30 pm.

Orientations for Skype sessions are $50, it is necessary before you begin a Skype session schedule.
href=””>Fat dr seminar poster attending the orientation and your first workshop will be a total of 45.

The Fat Doctor:
Also does;
workshop/seminars at your venue. The cost of a seminar is $175 with a deposit of $50 the remaining $125 will be paid the day of the workshop seminar. You can register early and save $75 by paying $125 no less than a week before the scheduled seminar. Waiting until the day of the seminar will cost $200 so please enroll early.

For more information please call 301-312-9401 or e-mail

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